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A therapeutic profile of my life’s journey with the hope to inspire and encourage others to face their truths, deal with them correctly and to live their best life.
Thank you to my husband, daughters and team for helping with my healing journey. I’m grateful to my pastors, mentors, therapists and friends who took the time out to listen to my pain. You have aided this curative process.

This book is dedicated to those with PAIN THAT CUTS.

Published in the United Kingdom
ISBN NUMBER: 978-1-5272-2778-1

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35 reviews for Free E-book | NUMB – by Tosin C. Ogwe

  1. Emmanuel

    This Book change my thinking and approach to life

  2. Anonymous

    Definitely a numb experience. No one should have to go through that as a child. But I’m glad you came out fighting. 👍

  3. Annie

    “Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book numb. It grabbed every emotion my body had to offer. Powerful and a recommended read. ❤

  4. Ife

    Such an amazing read, thank you for sharing your story with the world!

  5. Mrs P

    Sis, the book is DEEP.

  6. Gloria

    It’s a MUST READ! 🙌🙌🙌

  7. Ronke

    An amazing book! I picked up this book to have a quick look and I couldn’t put it down! I went on a Journey reading this book. I gasped, signed, wowed, cried, cried and then cried 😂. Smiled, smiled a bit more and then praised! Praised cause I saw a young victorious woman emerge from so much pain and abuse🙌🏾 😘🤗

  8. Esther

    It was such a powerfully vulnerable and moving book.

  9. Adam

    What a book. I cried and Laughed. 👍

  10. Anita Lamptey

    What a book. I cried and Laughed. 👍”Read I really enjoyed reading this booker, finished it under an hour and was a very deep, very deep, very touching❤

  11. Sade Igun

    “WOW! I literally read this book back to back under one hour.  It’s easy to read, deep, honest and full of so much hope
    Tosin, this book has changed my heart towards forgiveness. Thank you for sharing your story! You are more than a conqueror👍”

  12. Rosiji

    Very thought provoking and real well done

  13. Mimi

    I am so touched by this book. One of the best👍. 

  14. Hiwet

    Absolutely love this book.. 

  15. Oyin

    “Tosin’s Numb is like a stock cube, it’s small but it packs a punch. As soon as I started reading my heart was so engaged and I didn’t want to put it down, it precise and straight to the point, it is pretty raw, and you might shed a tear or two if you’re sensitive but there are also moments that make you smile. 

    Knowing who she is now, reading about her humble beginnings was enlightening and I have great new levels of respect for the Tosin as well as her husband. 

    I’m really glad Tosin’s decided to share her story, I can see this being instrumental in helping other women heal.”

  16. Diane D

    Was finally able to get my hands on this book and gosh, could I not put it down when I started reading the first couple of pages! There is something so real, raw and honest about this book. You get to feel a mixture of emotions when you’re taken on a journey throughout the book but more than anything you have to appreciate how strong the author is and how INSPIRED you become to simply be so happy for the heights she has reached. Difficult to come across people who are humble, willing to share so much and who work so hard – and with excellence. As a woman I’m convinced there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that your experience only builds you up to have strength, handle life with such tenacity, because of reading this book. Lost for words, simply amazing and wish it was longer!!! Xx

  17. Debrae

    I recently purchased Numb and finished it all in one setting. It was such a beautiful , moving and powerful book in a short burst that was just enough to take in, understand and reflect on. Tosin, God will continue to turn your pain into passion, your worst moments into ideas for creativity and all you’ve sown in tears will continue to water your progressing testimony. I’m so proud of you and all you’ve overcome x

  18. Quiana V.

    Just when you may think you heard it all before or you try to figure out what NUMB could really mean aside from the obvious before you turn the first page, the book has you in complete shock!!! It’s real, in your face BUT to God be the Glory Tosin found hope and faith! Tosin, Thank you for deciding to share something so personal for the benefit of others to be empowered. When you read NUMB some may not be able to relate or even understand completely like myself but what reading this book does to you (to share with others) is what’s most important. The NUMB is a must read!

  19. Anon

    Loved the transparency. Filled me with all sorts of emotions and memories.  I met you I guess during some of the events you described.   We were young and both liked each other. I think we talked for a few months before things fizzled out. Guess I regret not taking the time to really find out about YOU and what was going on with you. To me it was all innocent, however I do hate the feeling that I may or may not have been one of a string of men that walked in and out of your life.  Happy you are in a much better place.   All the best.  K

  20. Olamide O

    “I could not put Numb down as soon as I touched it. Love how you laid everything bare, telling your story in short bit but yet simple ways. You are a strong woman especially the way you handled every single situation life throws at you. 

    Thank you for sharing all you have been through and I know that your story will touch and inspire others. This is only just the beginning for you. P.s When should we be expecting the next part of your book. “

  21. Anonymous

    I received your book and my response is WOW! 😳 I read it on my feet cos I couldn’t put it down until I finished it! My conclusion is that you are just an amazing soul that has been packaged and repackaged by God! May He continue to uphold you to greater heights. I celebrate you sis. Thank you for sharing your story and lessons. Thank you. Thank you.

  22. Sarah A

    One of the most heartfelt books I have ever read! The authenticity meant that within a short amount of time, I was able to get a snapshot of your life through raw emotions. Tosin this book is life changing and I really can’t begin to commend you enough for sharing your testimony with the world. You showed the truth behind what it means to really have faith! To push through even when everything before you looks bleak! and boy are we blessed you pushed through! I cried, laughed and smiled reading this book! Thank you and Pray God perfects all the great work He has started in you. 

  23. Eldretta

    The book filled me with all sort of emotions. Sadness and sorrow, but also happiness and jubilation that you came out on top stronger. Very inspirational and motivating. For you to be able to share this with the world shows that nothing will ever stop your shine and you face your demons straight in the face. 

  24. Princess

    The book was so emotional. Thank you for sharing apart of your life with us. Showing us how strong women are and encouraging many that nothing in life should hold us back from becoming great.❤

  25. Omotayo

    This book is so inspirations and very enlightening, gives you courage and where you can somehow draw support and empowering women. ❤

  26. Gracia k

    I love how quickly i was able to read the entire book. I literally did not want to put it down. Its an extremely easy read with grea Life lessons. Thank you to Tosin for sharing your life and congratulations on the book! 

  27. Temi

    I read this amazing book cover to cover on my feet because I couldn’t sit down! I was overcome with emotion as I turned each page and the size of it didn’t help me try to sit down either. I just want to say thank you to Tosin for sharing her story of courage and victory so bravely! Highly recommended!

  28. Andrew

    “This is a book with an emotional journey and finally light at the end of the tunnel for each scenario.
    This is an an example of triumph over obstacles that can be applied to everyone regardless of their experiences.

  29. Anonymous

    “Last night you drifted through my mind like a cool breeze through the trees on a warm summers day so I thought I’d reach out to you by buying your book and reading it cover to cover. Wow, What an amazing journey you have been on in life! I really enjoyed the read . It was like looking at a prism, each side shedding a different coloured light on your world. I learnt so much more than I had anticipated.  Have a good day. 

  30. Pastor A

    Potential Best Seller. 

  31. Mel

      I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I have read your book and it made me cry.  Without sounding too soppy, you are an inspiration and I take my hat off to you for overcoming all the bad of the past.  It’s just a big WOW from me xxx

  32. Emmanuel Chijioke Edeh

    Tosin this book is life changing and I really can’t begin to commend you enough for sharing your testimony with the world. You showed the truth behind what it means to really have faith! To push through even when everything before you looks bleak! and boy are we blessed you pushed through! I cried, laughed and smiled reading this book! Thank you and Pray God perfects all the great work He has started in you

  33. D

    “You can never know a persons story by looking at them. You will never know what people have been through unless they tell you. My dear sister and friend, mentor and encourager has written a book on her journey till date and if I tell you I didn’t cry reading it I’ll be lying. She is one extraordinary woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, auntie and friend. She has always kept it all the way real but at times put on an armour of strength where it’s hard to imagine she’s been weak. @tosin.ogwe has proved that you can go through the worst and still make it. You can go through hell and high waters and still survive. You can carry a heavy load and eventually get to a place of peace and rest where you can let that load down and feel light as a feather. Forgivenesses is a hard thing to do when you’ve been terribly wronged and hard done by. But it’s a choice we must all make for our peace. Let’s lighten the load today and forgive those who have trespassed against us. As we would also need forgiveness from man and God. I urge you to get your copy and read, learn, grow, stop, think, breath, forgive, love, speak up, speak out, trust, be brave, get your keys, get your faith, get your life. 

  34. Joan

    Most Amazing book. easy read yet aggressive with its message.

  35. Hannah

    Exciting read!!!!

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