Tosin Ogwe

NUMB – by Tosin C. Ogwe


A therapeutic profile of my life’s journey with the hope to inspire
and encourage others to face their truths, deal with them
correctly and to live their best life.
Thank you to my husband, daughters and team for helping with
my healing journey.
I’m grateful to my pastors, mentors, therapists and friends who
took the time out to listen to my pain. You have aided this
curative process.
This book is dedicated to those with PAIN THAT CUTS.

Copyright © 2018 by TOSIN C. OGWE
All rights reserved.
Written by Tosin C. Ogwe
Edited by Lola Busari
Book cover and design by MMO Designs
Picture Illustration by Mikhail Tavernier.

Published in the United Kingdom
ISBN NUMBER: 978-1-5272-2778-1

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